Dr. Dre’s 38-year-old daughter who lived apart said she lived in her car after not receiving his money within 18 months

#室友,Go back to December 2020, Dr. DrayThe estranged 38-year-old daughter LaTanya Young made headlines because she revealed that she had not seen him for 18 years and applied to become a FedEx driver to make ends meet. Well, since then, LaTanya’s situation seems to have gotten worse, because she now claims to be homeless because Dr. Dre has allegedly not sent her any money in the past 18 months.

According to an exclusive report by @DailyMail, LaTanya Young stated that she is Currently living When her four children were living with friends, she got out of the car because she couldn’t afford a house in California. LaTanya said that although she works as a delivery driver on DoorDash and Uber Eats, and also works as an assembler in a warehouse, her financial situation is difficult because her father, Dr. Dre, has not paid her for nearly two years. “My kids live with friends—they don’t live in the car, only me. I’m doing odd jobs just for now. I work as an assembler in a warehouse and earn $15 an hour. I’m trying to keep my head down. Above the water. I have been in debt for a while,” she said.

LaTanya allegedly said that Dr. Dre has stopped supporting her financially because she interviewed them about their alienated relationship. Therefore, she has no direct contact with him and can only contact him through his team. “I am homeless and I have been asking my father for help. His lawyer said that my father didn’t want to help me because I talked about him in the media. I think I should die if I do this, if I don’t. I’m damned. I just want to communicate with him to see if he wants to talk to his grandchildren. My children are old enough to know who he is. They feel that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. Shocked,” LaTanya said.

At the same time, the car she has been living outside is rented out, and LaTanya is now worried that she will lose the car because she can’t afford it. Explaining her fears, she said: “This car is very valuable. This is an SUV. It costs $2,300 for three weeks, and I only paid for one week. Sooner or later they will take the car.”

In addition, she admitted that she was embarrassed when people realized that Dr. Dre was her father, but she was doing odd jobs to support herself. “It makes me want to crawl under the rocks,” she said. LaTanya also claimed that Dr. Dre promised to let her and her sisters finish college and provide them with medical insurance, but these promises were not fulfilled when he ended his relationship with her mother Lisa when she was five years old.

She finally mentioned the current chaotic divorce between Drey and Nicole Young, who is about to become his ex-wife, and praised her efforts to get millions of dollars in spousal support from him. “I praise Nicole in a way, she did what she had to do,” Latanya Yang said.

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