Donald Trump said that the attack in Kabul “wouldn’t happen if I were your president”

If this is one thing Trump will do, it is to convey his message in any necessary way. Although he has been banned on social media, the former president said that if he were still the President of the United States, the suicide bombing outside Kabul Airport on Thursday would not have occurred.

In a video of a little more than two minutes, the former president issued an exclusive statement to Fox News and said: “These noble American soldiers gave their lives while performing their missions,” he said. “They sacrificed themselves for the country they loved, racing against time to save their compatriots from harm. They died as American heroes, and our country will remember them forever.”

He went on to say, “We know what you did, we know how brave you are, we thank you, we salute you, and we will always respect you.”

Later in his message, after talking about the traumatic event, Downey said: “This tragedy shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have happened. If I were your president, it wouldn’t happen.”

One commenter responded: “Okay, so you let us get the new crown virus! Next one.” Others added: “I don’t like Trump, but what he said is the truth. He will be bombed and leave Afghanistan. . You all know this is true, but you all hate him, so you don’t want to agree.”

This happened hours after President Biden issued a statement about the bombing. He said, “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

CNN reported that the explosion occurred at the Baron Hotel outside Hamid Karzai International Airport and near Afghanistan on Thursday. In addition to the counted death toll, the explosion also injured 18 American soldiers and approximately 140 Afghans. Biden said in his speech that fallen soldiers are “heroes.”

“They are part of the bravest, most capable, and most selfless army on the planet,” Biden said. “They are part of what I call the American pillar. They are the backbone of the United States.”

This tragedy occurred as the United States tried to withdraw its troops and personnel by August 31.According to reports, since the end of July, more than 101,000 people have been evacuated from this war-torn country

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