Dog The Bounty Hunter said he used the N word because his brothers gave him a pass

In a recent interview with @Entertainment tonight, Dog The Bounty Hunter resolved several allegations, including alleged homosexuality and racism.

In the above clip, Dog explained that he used racial slander before because “brothers” gave him a pass. When speaking, he even said that he had a pass that was “a bit like Eminem”.

I have never been a racist. I am 33.5% Apache. But because more than 15 years ago, I had an Achilles heel because I used the wrong word,” Dog told ET. According to the publication, Chapman used more than six racist slanders during the phone call.

Dog added that he “thinks I have a pass in the Black tribe to use it, a bit like Eminem.”

Dog continued, “I was just released from prison in 1979 after 18 months in Texas. Three-quarters of them may be from black tribes. So this is a term we use repeatedly, maybe A compliment,” he said. “My pass expired due to use, but no one told me this.”

The dog went on to say that he had many black friends, and the word was used as a “compliment.”

The dog was also asked about his daughter’s claim that he was a homosexual. He said: “There are three gay men in my staff. My daughter is gay, baby Lisa. I don’t understand why anyone would say that.”

The host said: “Remember, being close does not mean that you are not racist or homophobic.”

“Will I die for homosexuals or for blacks? I am willing to give my life,” said the dog.

Friends, what do you think about this?

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