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Dog The Bounty Hunter was found in Northport, Florida, and joined the nationwide hunt for Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who was recently found dead.

Duane”Bounty Hunter Dog Chapman, 68, search has been added Gaby Petittofiancé Brian LaudryA few days after the body of his partner Gaby was found in a national park in Wyoming, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for the Florida man. When Brian returned to Florida alone, the couple was on a cross-country road trip. A federal grand jury filed a lawsuit against Gabby’s activities after his death, which included unauthorized use of credit cards. The law enforcement agency pointed out that the investigation into Gabby’s murder is ongoing.

Now, the reality TV star seems to have joined the national hunt, appearing in a video showing him poking his head on the side of Bryan’s house.reporter Brian Ting A footage of Dog visiting a house in Northport, Florida was posted, which appeared to show him knocking on the front door. When he returned to the car with his new wife, Fran Beside him, a bystander asked him what he was doing there. “Come on, you know,” he heard it in the video.

“Dog and Francie have experienced great losses themselves,” the bounty hunter team said in a statement issued to them. Fox News“They sympathize with what Gabby’s family has gone through and hope to help bring justice to her death.” His team added that anyone with information about the case can send their tips to 833-TELLDOG.Fans of reality TV stars will know about dogs lately Get married with Francie At a ceremony held in Colorado on September 2.

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His daughter Lisa, Tell Hollywood life period Interview Before the wedding, her 68-year-old dad”Still have pictures“His late wife Beth Chapman “It’s all over the house.” As fans remember, Dog sadly lost Beth two years ago. “I think God gave Francis to my father,” she said.

“I think she came to a place [in] He really needs help and strength to live, she gave him. Francie lost her husband a few months before Beth died of cancer. They met by chance.Francie’s husband is a man in the yard of our property [in Colorado]. My dad called [her] To work in the yard, they began to talk on the phone. They did not pursue each other. It happened by accident. It is destined, this is a very incredible love story. “

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