Dictionary.com added more than 300 words to their website, including “Y’all”, “Zaddy” and “Aunt Jemima”

Roommate, next time someone tries to say that “you all”, “yeet” or “zaddy” is not a word, please continue to visit the content on Dictionary.com! According to reports, the online resource of all words has added more than 300 words to its catalog and updated its definitions.According to CNN, this round of new Characteristic term Related to the “Covid-19 pandemic, race, technology and popular culture”.

The editor-in-chief of the site, John Kelly, explained in a press release that changes in language help people navigate the “complex and challenging society in which we live.” John also clarified that other times, the language change may be “just for fun.”

“Perhaps the new addition of these lighter slang and pop culture to our dictionary reflects another important aspect of our time-after a difficult 2020, cautious optimism and optimism about the future.”

Well, whoever is expanding their catalog will definitely participate in social and cultural dialogue! Additional words such as “oof”, “snack”, “y’all”, “zaddy” and “yeet” are an ode to common slang on social media sites.

Dictionary.com defines “all of you” as you (usually used to directly address two or more people, or one person representing a family, organization, etc.). At the same time, “zaddy” is defined as “an attractive man who is stylish, charming and confident at the same time.”

Categorized under the racial addition are words such as “Aunt Jemima”, which is defined as a word of “derogatory and offensive”, meaning “black women who other black people think submit to or please white people”. Other words in this category include: “black code”, “cultural appropriation” and “one-off rule”.

Dictionary.com seems to have entered a space representing languages ​​used during the unpredictable period of COVID-19, but it is also common in popular culture.

Other interesting additions include: “Cultural Appropriation”, “Black Code”, “5G”, “Domestic Terrorism” and “Ghost Gun”.

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