De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker announce independent YouTube channels

Today marks the end of “arra” for many YouTubers fans Della Taylor and Ken Walker Not ready. YouTube stars and former “relationship goals” announced that they have created independent channels. After a two-month break, De’arra and Ken released a new video that surprised some of their subscribers. More than 700,000 people watched the nearly ten-minute video, which ranked first on YouTube to understand the reasons behind the separation.

On their DK4L channel, De’arra and Ken brought viewers back to memory by playing past videos, and thanked their subscribers for their support for the past seven years. Although both said that this was not the “end”, both of them inserted their new channel and briefly introduced their expectations to the audience. De’arra shared that she will do a video blog to show off her cooking skills, shopping, travel, etc. Ken suggested that his channel will include daily video blogs, awareness projects, and health and wellness. De’arra did mention whether she and Ken will delete the channel. “We have seen a lot of questions. The main question is, will we post on this channel? We don’t know the future,” she replied.

However, she did clarify that the channel will continue to exist, so viewers can continue to watch the posted videos and their other combined channels. As the video continued, Ken said that they would not unfollow each other on Instagram, nor would they delete any photos. There is a lot of speculation that De’arra and Ken are stepping up, and she took the time to clarify this. “No, we are not strengthening, Ken and I have no hatred, no bad blood, neither of us is good.”

De’arra left the biggest unanswered question in the audience’s mind, and that is her emotional state. She and Ken confirm or deny that they are still a pair. Although the news made De’arra popular on Twitter, many people praised her for being single. Although she did not confirm, she did like this tweet, “De”Allah Ken only told us that they broke up, but didn’t say they broke up,” which raised some eyebrows.

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