Dad encourages black people to buy houses instead of “ugly” Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille watches are one of the most coveted symbols of success in the world. Despite putting some of his own watches in the crib, Didi wants black people to invest in other ways.

In a series of stories about’gram, Diddy shared his thoughts on the recent trend of buying watches from this Swiss luxury company and stated that people are being “deceived” into wearing them.

“I’m in my bag now. I don’t hate it. I am a connoisseur of flies, I just tell you that you are all fooled by Richard Miller,” he said.

Diddy continues to compare these watches with a more affordable brand called Timex, which can be found at local retailers such as Walmart and Target. He even said that Richard Mille was straight “ugly.”

“Richard Mille is like Timex or something like that,” he said. “You guys, it’s not hot. It’s not hot. I have two or three and I never pulled them out. They are ugly. I don’t even want to hate. I don’t even know Richard Mille but fucking. I’m playing with some black ones. sh*t. Negro, save money to buy a house.”

Didi’s comments were made after some of his peers showed their Richard Mille on “K”. James Harden and Yo Gotti showed off their watches in their Instagram stories, and Drake recently gave away one of them on Young Thug’s 30th birthday. A few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj walked out with her rare pink Richard Mille watch valued at $980,000, setting the tone for this craze.

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