Court documents reveal that Sonia and Dale Curry accused each other of cheating

Wow! The news of Stephen Curry’s parents’ divorce surprised everyone, but the new details that led to the breakdown of the 33-year marriage are pungent! As we reported, Sonia Curry Due to “marriage misconduct” and his unfaithfulness, she filed for divorce from her separated husband Dell Curry in North Carolina in June. Nonetheless, Dell seems to have fought back against some of his own accusations.

According to the new court documents obtained, TMZThis shows that Dell accused his separated wife of participating in “illegal sexual misconduct” before the separation in March, and Sonia allegedly lied to these incidents. Dell also claimed that Sonia is currently living with another man, which will prevent her from collecting alimony. Sonia denied the claim. She claimed that she lived alone because she did not want to live with Dale.

As the accusations were thrown out, Sonia did not flinch. She claimed that Dell had been unfaithful for an uncertain time, which she called an “open secret” because family and close friends knew his behavior. Although new details were disclosed, Sonia claimed that she did not want to disclose the details of the divorce because she tried to protect Dell and their family from possible exposure and public scrutiny. However, she said that once he accused her of being unfaithful, she had no choice but to fight back and defend herself.

Since Dale and Sonia are celebrities and have famous offspring, it is impossible to predict how “possible censorship” will affect their children Stephen, Siddle, and Seth. So far, none of the children have shared any news about their parents’ divorce. Roommates, as more divorce details emerge, we will continue to provide you with the latest news.

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