Comedian Fuquan Johnson is suspected of taking a triple cocaine overdose in Los Angeles-the fourth victim currently hospitalized

#Roommates, in Los Angeles, reported the extremely sad news that multiple comedians died due to suspected drug overdose.According to reports, the comedian Fuquan Johnson It is one of the deaths from a triple cocaine overdose, which also includes another local cartoonist and the fourth victim who is still in hospital.

@TMZ_TV report, September 3road, Angel The police arrived Just after midnight, at the scene of a family near Venice. Upon entering, they found three deaths, all of them died of suspected drug overdose, and the fourth victim was immediately taken to the hospital. The dead included two local comedians Fuquan Johnson and Enrico Colangelli, and the third victim, Natalie Williamson and Kate Quigley (also a comedian), was in serious condition at the local hospital.

Local authorities believe that the death of the three victims appears to be due to an overdose of cocaine containing fentanyl. According to reports, the cause of death will be determined in the next few days because the deceased’s body has been transferred to the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office for an official autopsy.

Fuquan Johnson, Enrico Colangeli, and Kate Quigley are popular figures in the Los Angeles comedy scene and are obvious close friends because pictures of Fuquan and Kate appeared on her social media. However, Natalie Williamson is not a comedian.

It is said that Kate is still alive, but her current condition is still considered very serious and she is still under close surveillance. This story is developing.

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