City girls share that they still want to work with Nicki Minaj

Speaking of the rap game, when it comes to rappers suppressing it for the ladies, you have to mention a few names. Megan Thee Stallion, Latto and The City Girls are just a few of them. Since the debut of City Girls in 2017, they have been playing hot songs, and fans love every bit of it. As they continue to work with artists in the industry, they continue to have hopes of collaborating with Nicki Minaj.Last year, while promoting their “City On Lock” album, in an Instagram live interview with The Shade Room, the group mentioned that they wanted to interact with Nicki Mina.

In the interview, JT said that they wanted to collaborate with Nicki because they felt that she was the only rapper who had not collaborated. In the past, the group has cooperated with Cardi B, Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion. Many people speculated that after Miami said she was the “team Cardi” in an interview, Nicki did not complete the cooperation due to her problem with Cardi B. Although Nicki has never resolved these rumors, it seems that the organization is still focusing on cooperating with the Queen.

In a recent episode of GQ’s “I Actually”, JT and Yung Miami publicly expressed their desire to collaborate with Nicki again. When TikTok went undercover, they responded to a fan’s comment: “Where is Nicki’s collaboration?” JT responded: “We hope for the future, really.” She continued, “A lot of people tried to make fun of it, like,’ah , You will never get your function’, but you never know what will happen.”

Roommate, do you think this kind of cooperation will happen?

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