Chris Sails apologized to Naija and Queen Clarence for the previous question

I like to watch. Anyone needs to grow to apologize and admit that they have said or done things that hurt you. It’s no secret that Chris Sails, his ex-wife Queen Naija, and her boyfriend Clarence have an unstable relationship, but it seems that Chris wants to start over and move forward actively. He posted a video explaining his previous behavior on his YouTube channel and why he made a video that quoted his predecessor. Chris frankly said that the reason behind the video was because he had no money.

Chirs explained that during this time, although he did not have enough income to support himself, he was helping his family and friends and caring for many people. “I think God sent me to this earth to help,” he said. Chris went on to say that he decided to adopt a new method on YouTube to help increase revenue. Chris said that if he posted a video on his YouTube channel, his subscribers would not watch the content, but he noticed that once he added “ex” to the title, his views would increase. Chris claimed that the first video he posted made him $5,000.

Money was the motivation, so he decided to continue using “ex” as clickbait, and it worked. As the video progressed, Chris clarified that he had no intention or plan to dismantle the happy home of the Queen and Clarence. He further stated that he did not want to be the source of the couple’s problems. Chris sincerely apologized to the couple for what he did in the past.

As we reported earlier, because Chris was not invited, Chris and Quinn’s son CJ had a lot of trouble after graduation. However, Chris seems to have let go of that kind of pain and said that he hopes to have a new start with Quinn and Clarence, and hope they can participate in one of them. CJ Future events together.

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