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“Law and Order: Organized Crime” star Christopher Meloni (Christopher Meloni) on the relationship between Elliott and Olivia and whether they will eventually have a romantic relationship after their “feelings” resurface The trade-off.

Since Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson reunited ten years later, some Law and order Fans have been thinking: Will these two people be together in the end? From the mysterious letter Eliot wrote to Olivia to his declaration of love, a lot is brewing between these ex-partners. Christopher Meloni Reveal whether there is still hope that Elliott and Olivia will eventually be in Romantic relationship As Organized crime Enter season 2 and SVU Arrived in season 23.

“Of course. Hope never ends. I mean, why not? I think it will be a collaborative effort between these show hosts SVU with Overclocking I believe Mariska and I can figure this out.This is a complicated relationship, so we will wait and see,” Christopher told reporters, including Hollywood life, At the TV Critics Association Group Meeting on September 13.

Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay play Stabler and Benson. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

Christopher admits to “very unsatisfactory ending” The legend of Benson-Stabler“When he leaves SVU After the 12th season. “It’s a bit sudden for the fans. I think there are always those feelings, the basis of those feelings, that have never been answered. So they persisted for 10 years and watched the story continue,” he said.

These feelings surfaced when Elliot and Olivia reunited ten years later and he returned to town. After the death of his wife, the former partners had a close heart. “You are the most important person in my life, but you disappeared,” Liv told him. Elliott replied, “I’m afraid I can’t leave if I hear your voice.”

Later, when Elliot’s children intervened with the help of Olivia, things changed. “I love you,” he said to Olivia. He quickly followed, “I love all of you.” However, His confession Since then it has been hanging in the air.

Christopher admits that his dynamics are related to Mariska Hajitai He is different from any other actor. “I don’t have that kind of relationship with any other actors walking on the earth, because I have never worked with anyone like Maresca,” the actor told reporters. “As I said, it is re-examining something that has not yet been completed. There is an interesting factor in this. All of this is sad because of the circumstances in which I was reintroduced. So this is a completely different dynamic. However. , I think the cornerstone of all this is a kind of playfulness and a kind of humor. This kind of humor is a kind of friendship, a kind of love and friendship that has always existed between us.”

Even after Christopher left the role of stabilizer, he Maintain a close relationship with Mariska“She is what she put there,” he gushed. “She is open and honest, trustworthy, like a ball of light. She exudes kindness, warmth and tolerance. You know, this is a wonderful energy. She is a hardworking person. I mean, I was in the beginning Helped in 12 years, but she kept SVU The train has been running for 23 years. She is committed to what she does. She walks. She is a good egg. I think we sincerely look forward to cooperating with each other and like to work with each other. “

Christopher Meloni Marska Hajitai
The famous Stabler letter will be explained in the second season of “Organized Crime.” (National Broadcasting Corporation)

As for the content of Eliot’s letter to Olivia, Christopher told fans at the 92nd Street Y event that the content of this letter will be announced in Season 2. Organized crime“This letter was written this season, I think [fans are] To set [their] When it happens, the head will catch fire,” Christopher said, according to TV line“I think there will be riots.” SVU Season 23 will return on September 23. It will premiere at 8pm and last for 2 hours, followed by Organized crime At 10 o’clock in the evening at NBC.

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