Chris Brown shot Kanye West after his poem was deleted from “New Again” in Ye’s “DONDA” album

Fans of Kanye West waited weeks for his highly anticipated album, and the launch on Sunday morning drove innanet and some of his fellow artists crazy.Although the fans are excited and finally hit ‘Donda’Chris Brown is not too excited about the release.

Just a few hours after “DONDA” was on the streaming platform, Chris Brown also released some interesting information about Kanye West in his IG story. Although Chris did not elaborate, a source close to the situation told The Shade Room that he was a little excited about the removal of his verse from a song on the new album.

“Kanye a wile h*e,” Chris wrote, and then he went on to say another sentence, “No, he is adjusting.”

Obviously, Chris should appear in the 18th song “New Again” on the album, and after the album was removed without Ye’s permission, Chris’ verses no longer appeared.

Soulja Boy also uttered, claiming that he also spit out a verse for the album that was not included in the last drop.

“I don’t know how it feels, Kanye sent me the song’Remote Control’, but I can’t hear my lyrics. Well, fuck that n*gga,” Soulja tweeted. “This n*gga Kanye smh. Tell buddies not to call my cell phone anymore.

If you remember, Kanye publicly claimed that Universal had released the project without his approval shortly after the album was removed, which may explain the missing verse.

“Universal released my album without my consent,” Ye wrote. “They prevented Jail 2 from appearing on the album.”

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