Chloe Bailey talked about her upcoming solo album-“I am creating my own driveway and paying tribute to the people who inspire me”

#Roommates, after hearing that she will make her personal debut at this year’s MTV VMA, Chloe Bailey Now let fans have a deeper understanding of what they can get from her solo album. In a recent interview, Chloe Bailey revealed what her album would sound like, pioneering her own path in the industry, and why this is a good time to sing solo.

In an in-depth interview with @Billboard, Chloe Bailey did not shy away from questions about her upcoming Album onlyWhen talking about this untitled album, Chloe said that she “ends it with such bad b**ch energy” and that the project is “the most free and happiest I have ever felt”. After confirming that the album was “90% complete”, she also explained that her goal was to become famous for herself as a solo artist. “I’m creating my own driveway and paying tribute to those who inspire me. It’s fun to find my voice.”

When asked why it’s the right time to start a personal career, Chloe said: “My sister went to London to film for seven or eight months. It was too difficult without her. That was when I started to create my project. . I found my confidence-like, “Well, you can do it now. “I will always have the support of my sister, and she will always have my support, no matter what we do together or alone.”

Noting that she is now making her own music, she will be under pressure, she said:

“When it comes to awards and honors, I don’t feel pressure — I feel pressure to make myself proud and make sure I’m talking and singing what I want to say and sing. I’m not going to lie. [and say] It does not appear in my mind, for example, “I want people to like my voice because it is different from what I do with my sister.” Besides, as long as I am in my light and my goal I’ll be fine if I walk in the middle. “

The interview then turned to questions about following in the footsteps of her mentor Beyoncé. Chloe said this is a dream come true, but she also wants to create her own musical heritage.

“It will be a dream to be able to get some of the honors she has, go to some places where she has been, and create a long-term career with such a long life. I admire this, and it inspires me every day. Ever since I was young Since a girl, I have been inspired by her. I am very happy and grateful-I want my name to shine in my own way,” she said.

You can see Chloe Bailey performing her pop song “Have Mercy” for the first time live on MTV VMA on September 12thday.

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