Chloe Bailey sat down with Saweetie to talk about how she responded to the negative comments on social media-“When I really can’t handle it, I always pray”

Roommates, because of their wealth, prestige, and privileges, many people may find it difficult to understand, but celebrities also have feelings, and they will be hurt by harsh comments on social media just like the rest of us-just ask Chloe BaileyIn a recent sit-in interview with Saweetie, Chloe Bailey talked about how she handles negative emotions on social media and the pressure to live up to what she does not do.

In Latest episode In her YouTube series “ICY University”, Saweetie sat down to chat with Chloe Bailey. The two talked about various things through questions, but when Chloe discussed how she handled the reality of social media negativity and stress, things happened An inspiring transformation to change who she is.

When asked if she ever felt pressure from society and wanted to be a person different from her true self, and if so, how did she deal with it, Chloe said:

“Yes, if I say no, then I’m lying. I think you see so many positive comments every day, but then you will see those comments that really bother you, and you will spend all day I’m thinking like, “Do I really need to change my opinion? Am I doing this wrong? What’s the matter? But it’s like I’m not completely finished yet, but I’m learning. So, when I say it, , I’m teaching myself. I always pray when I feel that I really can’t handle it, and then I realize that you are so perfect.”

In other Chloe Bailey news, as we previously reported, it was announced earlier this week that she will make her official solo debut at this year’s MTV VMA and perform her viral unreleased single “Have” live for the first time. Mercy”.

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