Chad Ochocinco and fiancee Sharelle Rosado announced that they are looking forward to their first child!

Roommates, congratulations Chad Ochocinco With his fiancee Sharelle Rosado, just as the two announced! In addition to planning the wedding, Chad Ochocinco and Sharelle Rosado are about to become the new parents of their first child.

In a detailed Instagram post, Sharelle wrote Following message Announce good news:

“It is full of hearts, full of joy and love to reveal… we look forward to it! 🥰❤️ It is too difficult to keep this secret, but I am very happy to finally share this news with you! We are fortunate to have such an outstanding person in our lives and in our hearts. Looking forward to a future full of fun, love and adventure. Thank you @people for capturing this beautiful moment, and thank you for your support! “

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Schaller was surprised at the news that she was pregnant while filming the reality show “Sales Tampa” that was about to premiere on Netflix. “It’s so shocking. I think I was crying and laughing. I can’t wait. Actually it flies really fast. I found out that I was pregnant while filming, so time flies so fast. It doesn’t seem to be that way yet. Long time,” she said.

She also added that she has always wanted a big family because it will be her fourth child and Chad’s eighth child. “I always wanted a big family, so I think the last one, she is the perfect number to complete it,” she said.

At the same time, as of now, Chad Ochocinco and Sharelle Rosado have not yet confirmed their marriage date.

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