Catch her online!Florida doctor refuses to personally treat unvaccinated patients

#Roommate, push all Americans to get Vaccinated Continuing, a local doctor in Florida took a firm stand on supporting vaccination, which could result in hundreds of people being denied medical care. A doctor in South Florida recently notified her patients that she will no longer treat anyone who has not been vaccinated-for those who have not been vaccinated, a virtual appointment is their only option.

According to @NBC6, Dr. Linda Malaccini, a family doctor in South Florida, just did a Shocking announcement Thanks to her patients for the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across the state. Dr. Marraccini confirmed that she refuses to treat anyone who has not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for any reason. After confirming, she added that anyone who seeks her medical care is only eligible to accept virtual appointments. The rule will come into effect on September 15th, because she is using that date to give her patients a short period of time to vaccinate or find another doctor.

In explaining her extreme decision, Dr. Malaccini said: “I understand that people are free to choose, but for me, when it affects other people, it’s a problem. When it comes to the safety of others, when When it comes to the fact that this is a global health issue and a community health issue, at this point, I really want to say that this is where I draw a line.”

If you want to know whether Dr. Marraccini’s position violates any medical law because she refuses to provide medical services to a large group of people, according to the Hippocratic Oath, she is clearly within her rights. In addition, she is protected because she is still providing some form of medical services and assisting in referrals to other doctors.

As you may remember, Florida currently has the highest COVID-19-related cases and death rates because the state’s controversial governor Ron DeSantis led to the continued struggle against mask injunctions and vaccine passports Received great attention.

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