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When Britney Spears is opening a new path to freedom, she feels hopeful because her father’s supervision and rule is coming to an end.

A new chapter is about to open Britney Spears. A source close to the popular princess told Hollywood life Only on Friday, September 24, the celebrity now feels “stronger” because she has submitted documents requesting the formal end of the supervision that has controlled her financial and personal life for the past 13 years. The news is also following Britney’s father, Jamie Spears,Make Unexpected resignation After spending several years defending this arrangement, he became Britney’s administrator on September 7. “Britney’s Stronger Compare once. She is arriving somewhere.She did better Compare she once Yes,” the source told HollywoodLife.

Britney Spears called her father Jamie Spears’ behavior “abusive” by her administrator. (Latchport/MEGA)

With the potential end of regulation and Under the extensive control of her fatherAuthority, the 39-year-old Grammy Award winner is planning her future-most notably, she has been with her boyfriend and actress for five years Sam Asgari. the two of them Announce engagement On September 12, Britney posted a video on Instagram showing her dazzling round cut ring. “I can’t believe it!!!” The “stronger” singer added a series of diamond ring emoticons at the end of the post. “She is already planning the wedding,” the source added. “She has wanted to do this for a long time. She can’t do whatever she wants to do at will. Compared to what she has experienced, she feels free.”

Even if one The prenuptial agreement is already being drafted, The happy couple will have to postpone the formal tie.A sort of Family Law Attorney Tells Hollywood Life Rushing to the altar may change Britney’s custody, because her private life is not only under her control. “Britney has been under strict supervision for many years, and her private life is under strict supervision based on what is shared and reported,” said Sabrina Shahin Cronin He is the founder and managing partner of Cronin Law Firm, a JD, MBA. “Guardianship should be in place to make decisions that are in Britney’s best interests, so at this point, it may be up to the court to determine whether guardianship is necessary and what (if any) the consequences of the marriage are.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears feels “stronger than ever” because regulation may be coming to an end. (Xavier Colin/Image News Agency)

On June 24, Spears made headlines all over the world for the first time. Publicly detail her comments on regulation Before the judge, she called the 2008 arrangement “abusive” and her father “should go to jail.” The singer of “Oh, I did it again” called for the end of supervision at the hearing in June, without her having to undergo further psychiatric evaluation.Britney compares regulation to “Human Trafficking” and “Slavery” As the star revealed at the June hearing, she was forced to perform and tour against her will, even when she was sick. But now that her case is moving forward, the wait may end soon. “She feels more free Compare She has been feeling for years,” the source said. “In a way, she feels that some of her dreams are being realized. She loves music and still wants to make music. “

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