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After sharing and quickly deleting a snapshot of the ring, Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asgari said he was “hacked” and asked fans to “calm down.”

Another day, the engagement rumors were crushed again. Britney Spears‘ Boy friend Sam Asgari A photo of a ring was shared and quickly deleted, making fans believe that the engagement was coming soon. The 27-year-old personal trainer uploaded a snapshot of the ring on Instagram Story on Friday-fans noticed the engraved “lioness” on the ring.

Soon after, he deleted the ring, claiming that he was “hacked”.He wrote in a follow-up article IG story, “Account was hacked and processed by Photoshop-everyone calm down!” Okay!

Earlier this month, he spread rumors of engagement with his 39-year-old pop star girlfriend. On September 2nd, Sam was Discover ring shopping in Cartier In Beverly Hills. It is unclear whether he eventually bought anything, but someone photographed the personal trainer staring at the diamond ring display intently.Before the shopping trip, Sam joked that he and Britney Already secretly married When I went out in Los Angeles in July for “five years” and shared “twins”.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgarry (Shutterstock)

As for the “lioness” inscription, this word is Sam often used to describe his partner.In March, he told Britney International Women’s Day Shared a photo of the two on Instagram and wrote: “Happy International Women’s Day to my lioness. Thank you for letting me know that true strength and bravery come from women.” Later, in June, Britney prepares for the first time in Sam also supported his “lioness” when she resolved her supervision issue in court.

A few hours before Britney’s first court session, Sam shared a Selfie wearing “#FreeBritney T-shirt” And used the lion emoji. In a separate follow-up Instagram story, he shared a close-up snapshot of a real lioness. In her first well-known trial, Britney’s famous call to end She has been under her supervision since 2008.At the second hearing in July, she said she wanted to sue her estranged father Jamie, Has been a regulator for the past 13 years because of regulatory abuse.

Patriarch Spears since then File a petition to the court to end The custody of his daughter. It happened after chaos with the star’s new legal counsel, Who accused Jamie of extortion. Britney’s Attorney Matthew Rosengart Tell Hollywood life The latest development, “This document represents a huge legal victory for Britney Spears, as well as redress.”

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