“Bridgeton” star Reg-Jean Page at the GQ Awards Ceremony and his rumored girlfriend

Earlier this year, when “Bridgeton” was all the rage on Netflix, he was the Apple in the eyes of many women, but we regret to report that Reg-Jean Page was cheated in real life man!

On Wednesday night, the 31-year-old British actor and his rumored girlfriend Emily Brown were out in London, and the 2021 annual men’s awards ceremony of “GQ” came to an end in London.

The couple hand in hand, both fit and participated in the star-studded event. Rege wore a delicate emerald green suit, and his lady wore a sleek black suit with a drooping neckline and a bra exposed.

According to reports, although Wednesday night was their red carpet debut as a couple, it is reported that the couple have been meeting since at least February. Sixth page, When they were found hugging before Rege jumped on the plane.

At that time, Reg was crushing rumors that he was dating his former “Bridgeton” co-star and on-screen lover Phoebe Danivor, who was also in contact with Pete Davidson.

The heroine in his real life is obviously much lower-key.according to Weekly newspaperAccording to reports, Emily Brown is a copywriter for famous brands such as Nike, Uber and Converse. She currently has no public social media accounts.

Wrigg may be heartbroken by his new relationship, but he may be accustomed to thinking about when announcing that he will Will not be back for the second season of “Bridgetown”.

The day after April Fools’ Day, the official Instagram account of the show announced the resignation of Rege:

“Although everyone’s eyes turned to Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s efforts to find the Viscountess, we bid farewell to Reger-Jean Page, who successfully played the Duke of Hastings,” added, “We will miss it. Simon’s presence on the screen, but he will always be a member of the Bridgetton family. Daphne will remain a loyal wife and sister, helping her brother through the coming social season and everything it has to offer ——More conspiracy and romance than my readers can bear.”

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