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Brian Austin Green is part of the new “DWTS” cast, adding his girlfriend Shanna Burgess in season 30. Brian revealed that this show was a “unique opportunity” for him to better understand his love.

Brian Austin Green When I can dance and enter the ballroom Dancing with the stars The 30th season returns. Beverly Hills, 90210 Since his girlfriend, alum has been a very interesting addition, Shanna Burgess, Is one of the professional dancers of the show.Brian revealed Hollywood life As well as other media, since he decided to do this show, Sharna has been very supportive of him.

“Sharna is very friendly and helpful, she is a huge cheerleader for me,” Brian admitted. “She really gave me a lot of guidance and helped me understand the work prepared for me and what I will have to commit to doing well. But she is very supportive of her, she is very caring and kind. She removes the scary a little bit Of course, I’m still nervous about the first show because it’s a live broadcast and I haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of live broadcasts and work before, but I know once I take it out of my system and finish it, then I’ll know what my biggest fear is, what I have to worry about, and then it’s over. There will be no more surprises.”

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess took his children out. (Gio / BACKGRID)

Although Shanna is one of the most popular professional dancers on the show, she actually didn’t force him to do this show at all! “Sharna failed to convince me,” Brian revealed. “We actually talked about Dancing with the stars When we first met, and then when we first started dating, we used to laugh at the fact that it might never happen. It is not in our focus at all, any of us. “

When the offer came in, the couple started discussing Brian doing the show, and then they realized that it might be a good thing for their relationship. “We all realize that this is a very unique opportunity. I really think it’s a very cool way to learn about her profession and what she has loved and accomplished throughout her life,” Brian gushed. “It’s really a cool way to get to know her. This is a great opportunity, and I realized that this is the 30th season of the show. I don’t know how long this show will be running. I don’t know how much I will have. How many opportunities are there. This is a perfect storm. Everything is just right.”

Brian and Shanna opened their relationship in January 2021 after dating in private for a few months. Since then, their love for each other has ceased to be shy.Shanna also met Bryan’s child, Including 3 shared by him with his predecessor Megan Fox.

Brian’s Celebrity contender include Jojo Siva, Christine Yau, Matt James, Melora Harding, Martin Cove, Amanda Klotz, Cody Riggsby, Iman Shumpert, Jimmy Allen, Kenya Moore, Melanie C, Mike “Mitz” principle, Olivia Jade, with Li Suni. Dancing with the stars Season 30 will premiere on ABC on September 20.

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