Bold Chile!The San Francisco man robbed the local Walgreens by bicycle, and the safety film he

#室友, there are such wild and unbelievable stories on any given day, you have to double check to make sure they are true-and this latest outrageous story involves Walgreens Absolutely fall into this category. The local San Francisco Walgreens was the scene of a man robbery in broad daylight. A man took a trash bag and rode into the store by bicycle, taking away whatever he wanted…during his filming.

@ABC7NewsBayArea reports, one Unbridled robbery Shocked people in a local Walgreens in San Francisco, because a man riding a Lyft bike, carrying a large garbage bag, shockingly picked up a lot of goods-and didn’t seem to care that he was photographed by multiple people. …. Including a store security guard who tried to steal his bag without success.

Local journalist Lyanne Melendez recalled what happened in Walgreens in the Hayes Valley, and the latter filmed a video of the incident that has since spread. “He hit me on a bicycle. As a reporter, it’s hard for me to say “I won’t participate, I can’t participate”. I have to remain neutral, but this is my city. I live in this city and I often see This. Not only Walgreens, but also cars. My garage door was broken into twice.”

Melendez also pointed out that this series of robberies in the area has been going on for at least five years, which made her wonder “When have we said enough, do we want our city back?”

As of now, there is no more information about the suspects of theft.

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