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The wedding of Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker on July 17 was an amazing backyard feast. Bobby told HL about the beautiful wedding and how they ensured they were there all night.

Although everyone likes to grab the spotlight when the bride walks down the aisle, or take your +1 selfie on the dance floor, Bobby Bones with Caitlin Parker Implemented a “no phone” rule Their wedding on July 17, The radio host said all this is different. “Some people tell us that the night is about to pass and we will only keep taking pictures. We are like,’We don’t want to do that,'” Bobby explained Hollywood Life Podcast, While discussing his continued cooperation with DogChow’s Service Dog Awareness Month. “So we have a checkpoint, right next to her garage, and everyone checked their phones. I remember the wedding — every part of it — it didn’t sweep me out because there were no phone rules. It’s amazing. NS.”

Although Bobby was responsible for arranging performers for important dates, he admitted that Caitlin did almost everything else. “I won’t get any praise for planning a wedding because when it happened, it was a surprise to me when I got there! She found a lot on Pinterest and worked with a wedding planner,” he said . “We just had such a wonderful wedding.” This DWTS The alum added that in terms of his wedding day planning, he got Dan + Shea, Ronnie Dunn with Gary Levox Everyone from Rascal Flatts to the stage for special performances. “In fact, everyone can enjoy the moment without a mobile phone. This is a very special night,” Bobby added.

In September of this year, Bobby once again collaborated with DogChow and its fourth annual service dog tribute event to raise awareness of the brand’s new documentary short film, which highlights how service dogs can help those experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Life-changing benefits provided by veterans). Titled “Heroes Need Heroes” This film tells the unique journey of three veterans Hope and cure together Service dog with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I realized many years ago that it costs US$20,000 to send a service dog to a service member who has returned with PTSD. You would think that when our veterans come back, we will provide them with all the tools, but usually We don’t have “t.” They can only work hard to make a living on their own,” Bobby explained. Last year, Bobby and DogChow worked hard to enact the PAWS Act, which required the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to implement a grant program that aims to combine service dogs with eligible Of veterans. Now, the goal is to get funding for this.

“The goal is to let people see this documentary. I hope they are moved by it. Then I hope they can help after watching the documentary,” Bobby said.New documentaries are available at, Featured veterans and PTSD service dog pairs Shannon and Pepper, Tishawna and Archie, and Andy and Thanos, as they learn how to deal with post-service challenges such as night terrors, emotional detachment and hypervigilance.

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