Black women dominate the “Crate Challenge”

The ‘Crate Challenge’ Not suitable for punk! Throughout the week, people all over the United States have been trying to get through the crates to win money. Being able to successfully walk through the crate requires some extreme balance and patience. Although many men have tried it, women are actually responding to challenges gracefully! Today, a lady named Keri from Houston took the competition to a higher level. The shoes she chose shocked many people.

The 25-year-old shared a tweet from last week saying that she will challenge this challenge in high heels, and that’s what she did. Keri walked through the cage with a pair of transparent high heels tied to her ankle. The Howard University graduate slowly focused her attention, and within a minute, she carefully stepped onto the crate. Although several people were talking behind them, trying to distract her, one of the female audience members turned her back and ordered the crowd to “hush” and “quiet”. The extra support worked because Keri finally won and passed through the crate.

More than 23,000 roommates praised Keri’s skills! One commented, “My sister has technology and a good balance. I like it.” The conversation about Keri did not end in our review. It just started. When people watched her participate in the “Hood Olympics”, Keri’s video quickly spread on Twitter and other blogs.

If you are considering trying this challenge, you may need to get some tips from Keri or Tica. As we reported earlier, Tikka was the first woman we shared to win Friday’s challenge. The mother of five steps down the crate at her own pace, preventing distractions. Tica wears sneakers and has her own sneakers! Congratulations again to Keri and Tica!

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