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Beyoncé walked out in a light green mini dress and high heels and spent a romantic evening with Jay-Z. Look at the gorgeous photos!

Beyonce, 39, and Jay-Z, 51, was found wandering around Portofino while Travel around Europe. On September 11, A-listers were photographed walking hand in hand while heading to an Italian village for dinner. Bey wore a mint green mini dress with matching jacket and towering green high heels, while Jay-Z wore a white jacket and black pants with white sneakers.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are in Italy. Image: Cobra Team/BACKGRID

Bey wears a beige handbag and decorates the look with dark tones, and she shapes her caramel braids with loose waves.Earlier in the day, the two were found on the Amazon boss Jeff Bezos‘Yacht Not far from the Ponza coast. The couple hug each other while enjoying the scenic sea views in the hot tub on the mega yacht named Flying Fox.

Bey wrapped a towel around her body and curled her black hair into a loose bun. At the same time, Jay-Z put on a pair of light blue swimming trunks and dropped a kiss on Bey’s head.The pair recently appeared in Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) launched a new “ABOUT LOVE” event. Bei is now one of them Very Few people have the opportunity to wear this 128.54 carat, 82 faceted Tiffany yellow diamond.

“Crazy In Love” singer also recently celebrated Big 4-0, When she started the new decade, everyone looked straight ahead In her life, An insider told Hollywood life. “Beyonce looks forward to Next chapter Her life at 40,” a source said. “She has achieved a lot and experienced things that many people dream of.While at the same time She is watching Looking forward to seeing where her career will take her in the next ten years. “

The singer married Jay-Z in April 2008 after dating for 7 years and has a beautiful family. The family is close, they even work together!daughter Blue ivyAt 9 years old, she is the second youngest Grammy Award winner because she collaborated with her mother on the twin siblings on her track “Brown Skin Girl” Blue Rumi and Sir, 3, starred in their mother’s Disney Plus project, Black is king.

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