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Ben Affleck reacted quickly. A fan with a camera tried to get close to Jennifer Lopez, jumped up to protect her and gently pushed him back.

Ben Affleck, 49, quickly jump to protect Jennifer Lopez, 52, in Italy. This terrible incident occurred at Venice Airport on Saturday, September 11, when a male fan tried to approach Jennifer with a camera in his hand. It is unclear what the fans’ intentions are, but he seems to be taking selfies.After the men passed their safety measures, Ben immediately walked to the fans, and Jen moved behind her boyfriend to ensure safety-passed Daily mail here.

Throughout the ordeal, the couple held hands. In the short time before he gently pushed the man back, Ben could be heard saying “Wow, wow, wow”. The security and two police officers then intervened and moved the fan back to prevent it from falling. Bennifer They continued to walk into the airport and flew to New York City to attend the Met Gala on Monday, September 13. Ben seemed to turn around to look at J.Lo to make sure she was okay, and then she said “goodbye” to the paparazzi outside.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shake hands in Venice, Italy, September 11, 2021. The two left the country after the whirlwind tour, including their red carpet debut. (Cobra Team/BACKGRID)

Earlier in the day, when they left the hotel in a water taxi, someone saw the couple wearing the same outfit-she was wearing a beige polka dot Dior dress, and he was wearing a dark navy blue shirt and pants. Ben and J.Lo shared a sweet kiss and laughter on the dock, waiting for their journey, hug again Steaming lip lock When they were about to leave Italy.

The two participated in the Venice Film Festival in the city, Ben attended the premiere of his film Final duel. Bennifer made them look forward to it for a long time Debut on the red carpet at a gorgeous event, Driving fans and photographers go wild. Ben got out of the car and took a few seconds of personal photos, and then opened the door for his heroine, who was dazzling in a low-hanging white dress with crystal details. After sharing a quick snuggle and laugh, they walked up and down on the carpet, looking more wonderful than ever.

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