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Becca Kufrin decided to pursue Thomas Jacobs, the man of Tammy Ly, on this week’s “Bachelor of Paradise” show. After they went out to play, she Absolutely dizzy.

Beka Kuflin Really experienced paradise in the episode on September 7th Bachelor of Paradise. When she arrived at the performance before the second rose ceremony, Becca quickly contacted Aaron Clancy Give him her roses. However, going into next week, she is not sure where they stand. “We don’t spend much time together,” she explained. “We don’t have that much conversation. I need to explore where we started here, and hope he can give me a rose.”

Unfortunately, her plan to spend a day with Aaron is Chelsea Vaughan Arrived and asked Allen out for a date. Seeing him leave Chelsea makes Becca question her relationship with him. “I think he is a great person, but I hope he can learn more about me and ask questions,” she told Tia Booth“Do you really like me, or just because of who I am? We don’t allow that time now, because obviously he is dating.”

Becca Kufrin gave roses to Aaron Clancy. (ABC)
Becca couldn’t help but compare the situation with her time Bachelor girlShe pointed out that she was used to men always arguing for her without worrying about getting roses. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” she admitted. “I think heaven may not be suitable for me.”
Later that night, Becca got a date card of her own, she was interested in being the nemesis of Aaron, Thomas Jacobs, go out.However, since the second rose ceremony, Thomas has been pursuing Tamili. Before going out with Thomas, Becca must pull Tammy aside and get her consent. Tammy told Beka: “I hope you feel comfortable after this. I’m still your friend.” “Don’t hold back. After all, if he goes out with you and choose me, then I must know. But who am I? To hinder contact?”
Beka Kuflin and Aaron Clancy
Becca Kufrin presented Aaron Clancy with her first rose in “BIP”. (ABC)

In the confession, she added: “I tried to find a balance between selfishness and selflessness, but if it happened, it would be too bad. Am I gambling with Thomas? Absolutely. But I think it’s worth it. A bet for a gambling. I can’t tie him with a belt.” Despite pretending to be a brave face, Tammy still burst into tears when Becca and Thomas went on a date together.

At the same time, Becca made sure to enter the date with an open mind. “My previous knowledge of Thomas was only that he was Participated in some dramas exist Katie [Thurston]of Season,” she admitted. “I have been blinded in the past, but I said I will come here with an open mind, without any expectations or any preconceived notions. So I want to give him a chance. “Thomas and Becca finally hit it off on a date, and even went out to kiss at night. When they returned to the resort together, they were also completely dizzy.
Tammy Leigh Thomas Jacobs
At the second rose ceremony, Tammy Ly gave her rose to Thomas Jacobs. (ABC)

Back on the beach, Tammy still burst into tears. “I’m so stupid,” she growled. “If Thomas chooses Becca, then I will give up love because I have no chance.”

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