Barcelona company uses 3D technology to create plant-based food

With the help of technology, the plant-based food industry is changing forever. This is the company’s way of perfecting new choices for consumers with a plant-based lifestyle. With the popularity of plant-based foods, we may see a new wave of food preparation methods, and a Spanish international company may be the one to thank.

The Barcelona-based Novameat company changed the rules of the game.This food technology startup is responsible for creating plant-based meat Alternatives to steak and pork, but slightly different. According to Now This News, the company created meat substitutes through 3D printing in 2018. Novameat has developed a 100% plant-based synthetic 3D printed meat that mimics the texture of real beef and chicken.

For anything, research takes time, and it must be accurate before introducing a concept to the world. Giuseppe Scionti, Novameat’s CEO and researcher, has been working hard for his company to achieve results for more than a decade. Using his skills and knowledge as an expert in biomedicine and tissue engineering, he has been engaged in bioprinting synthetic tissue. Some of his work includes artificial cornea and artificial ear skin.

In the interview Business insider, Giuseppe described how challenging it is to create the texture of meat. “Texture is the most difficult factor for synthetic meat to perfect. It has a fibrous texture,” he said.

It makes sense for Giuseppe to transfer his research to the plant-based industry because it is so profitable. The joint market research shows that the size of the vegan food market in 2018 was 14.2 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 31.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Currently, his company is worth US$20.7 billion and is expected to grow to US$23.2 in the next three years.

Roommates, if you are interested in trying Novameat, you must be patient. Meat is not open to the public now, but it will be on the market next year. Reuters reports that consumers are expected to buy Novameats in restaurants and supermarkets in 2022.

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