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The rock royal family lit the stage on MTV VMA. After winning the Global Idol Award, Foo Fighters demolished the house with wild performances of some of their best songs.

History was created on September 12, 2021, when Rich fighter Become the first person in the United States to win the MTV Global Idol Award. However, the band– Dave Groer, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shifflet, Pat Smill, with Rami Jaffe –not coming 2021 MTV Music Video Awards Just to receive a lunar man trophy. They come to rock-they also rock.The band released an album of the same name in 1995, through performances including “Learn To Fly”, “Shame Shame” and “Wing Lung.” Sharp-eyed fans noticed drummer Taylor the late Charlie Watts, Write the name of the drummer of the Rolling Stones on his drum kit.

Before the show, Billie Eilish Introduce the band and praise them for “carrying the torch of rock” since their debut. “They are heroes, they are legends, and now they have officially become global icons.”

This performance marked the first time that Foo Fighters shocked MTV VMA in more than a decade. In 2007, the band played a fantasy suite performance and saw system of a Downof Sergi Tangian, Siro, Mastodon, Queen of the Stone Age, Rock god Lemy Kilmister, with Death Metal Eagle.) The Foo Fighters was also nominated for three awards for its “Shame Shame” video: Best Rock, Best Choreography and Best Photography.

Usually the main content of the MTV European Music Awards, global icons are awarded Foos because of their “unparalleled career and continued influence in music and other fields to maintain a unique level of global success. VMA will stay in the music industry A tribute to the global icon who has left an indelible mark and continues to influence, inspire and develop.” Press release. The team has now joined a selection of winners, including Bon Jovi, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, U2, the late DS, slim Shady, with Green day.

Dave Grohl at the MTV VMA in 2021 (Jeremy Smith/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

In early 2021, Foo Fighters will play the president Joe Biden And vice chairman Kamala HarrisInauguration,implement”Times like this“During the event. Before the virtual performance, Dave said this was his mother’s favorite son. Virginia Groll,Who is School teacher 35 years.He dedicated this song to Dr. Gil Biden And other teachers-they “face unprecedented challenges” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “But through dedication and creativity, they face these challenges head-on,” he added.

In October, Dave will release Storyteller, “The memories of life live resoundingly”.The memoir will share his experience from “growing up in the suburbs of Washington” to hitting the road as a member of a punk band at the age of 18. Scream (Who now Kickstarter started Funding new records) and “all subsequent music”.Consider who Dave has performed with-everyone from Mike Watt arrive Tenacious D arrive David Bowie arrive Zach Brown Band arrive Daddy arrive Halsey In her new album, If I can’t have love, I want power —— For those who are curious about the story behind this living global icon, this book is a must-read.

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