Asian dolls and Lord Giselle seem to have exchanged views on sex posts about King Feng

At this point, most people should know that when it comes to King Feng’s name and legacy, Asian dolls do not play “mini games”.So, after Instagram influencers Lord Giselle, Published a sex post citing the late rapper, and subliminal messages began to spread on social accounts.

Lord Giselle, his real name reportedly Irene Giselle, Is the ex-girlfriend and social media influencer of boxer Devin Hani, with more than 298,000 followers on Instagram alone. On Friday night, she posted a post on her Instagram Stories and Feeds that contained a meme named the late King Feng. The post read “You better shave my fur after I die, and I owe King Feng some **.” She did not add any extra text, emojis or stickers to the Instagram Story post. She kept the headline in the feed simple with two emojis: a smiling face and a relieved face.

Soon after, the Asian doll jumped on Twitter to express her thoughts, causing fans to associate these points with Lord Giselle’s post.

“When I saw her defeat her before God,” Asian doll wrote on Twitter.

She used more than five derogatory words in her tweets, from th*t to sl*t to d*ck to eat a*sh*e to follow up these threatening words. When another Twitter user suggested that she “stop worrying about others” and “focus on” herself, Asians explained her previous tweets.

“I’m just sad to watch that person’s name in so many nonsense plans **s think it’s cool to publish funny quotations about Feng,” Asian doll tweeted. “This fucking real life is not funny at all, it’s not a joke seeking attention, he doesn’t say s**t when he’s here, they can eat d**k privately.”

These tweets did not appear on the platform because Asian dolls seemed to delete them. The female rapper did not name Lord Giselle either. Nevertheless, Lord Giselle must have heard what the Asian doll said, because she seemed to respond late on Friday night.

First, she posted a post in her Instagram story saying “Don’t get angry because of fkn’s repost” and three smiley emojis.Then Lord Giselle posted a post containing a TikTok video in another post Jada Chevez Speaking of not being able to post on social media because she “may appear on the blog.” Next, she reposted a photo of herself with the song “Take Yo Man” by City Girls.

Like the Asian doll, Lord Giselle did not reveal anyone’s name in her post, but fans speculated that the news was related because of their time and the words used.

Wow! Tenants, what do you think? Did Asian Doll and Gisselle target each other in their posts?

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