Asian doll reflects the successful celebrity news of the “Nunnadet S**t” remix

“At that time, they didn’t want me. Now I am very hot, they are all on me!” Asian Doll lives in the present, reflecting on her success in the rap game. Yesterday was an important day for the Dallas native and her fans.She finally released the remix “Nunnadet S**t,” After some delay. The remixed version featuring Ivorian dolls, fantasy dolls, Dreezy and Rubi Rose has been playing frantically and climbing the charts. The Asian instructed her fans to put this song at number one last night, and her fans are working hard to achieve it. As her fans continue to hold streaming parties, she has been playing the song’s position on the Apple charts to people one by one.

Asian shared the song on Twitter 22 hours ago, ranking 18th on the charts. She has been thanking her fans. Just an hour ago, she revealed that this song was ranked in the top 5 of the Apple HipHop/Rap charts! Overjoyed, she wrote on Twitter, “LETS GOOOO.”

This song is very popular on the charts. Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, BIA and Saweetie all belong to the same category. Proud to be an independent artist, the Asian responded to a fan who shared a 2017 interview. In the video, the Asian addresses critics who talk about her rap ability.

The Asian replied: “I really am a baby who can talk like this. It’s too bad to be hated. YALL I was 17 TRYNA make it out,” she wrote on Twitter. She continued, “We have nothing worth living. There is nothing to believe. I have to push myself. I have to believe in myself. I only have myself. Now look at what God has done, wow. #ndsremix top 5.”

Congratulations to the Asian doll!

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