Ashli ​​Babbitt, the U.S. Congress official responsible for the deadly shooting of Trump supporters, speaks publicly about the incident

We all know that earlier this year, Trump supporters rushed into the Capitol and caused a large-scale riot in response to the current government, which caused chaos. As a result, some deaths occurred, including 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt and Trump supporters who tried to enter the lobby of the House of Representatives.

The officer who fired a shot that eventually led to Ashley’s death sat down with Leicester Holt NBC News, Talk about chaotic days.

Lieutenant Michael Bird shared that when the mob passed through the Capitol, he and several other officers of the U.S. Capitol Police set up roadblocks in their efforts to protect members of Congress. He said: “There is no way out. There is no other way to get out. If they pass that door, they will enter the House of Representatives and face members of Congress.”

He could hear the chaos that broke out between the mob and the police through the police radio. “It was actually broadcast over the air,” he recalled. “I said,’Well, things are getting more and more serious.'” He said. A group of thugs arrived, he yelled for them to come back, and said that a thug tried to climb in the door, and that moment eventually led him to fire a shot. Ashli​​ was shot and later died from his injuries.

Reflecting on this incident, Lieutenant Bird said: “I know that I saved countless lives that day. I know that members of Congress and my colleagues and staff are in danger and serious danger. This is my job.”

As we are Before According to reports, after the shooting, Lieutenant Bird was taken administrative leave and under investigation. Since then, the Congressional Police and the Department of Justice have cleared his misconduct.

NBC pointed out that the Department of Justice announced that investigators had “checked the video, on-site physical evidence, autopsy results, and statements of officials involved and other officials and witnesses,” and shared that he would not be charged.

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