Ari Fletcher questioned MoneyBagg Yo if “Wockesha” is about her (video)

Undeniably, “Wockesha” is one of the hottest songs in summer. Money bag When he released this bop from the RIAA-certified golden album “A Gangsta’s Pain”, he immediately gave up the classic. Although the lyrics of this song are about promethazine because it mentions “Withdrawal, I feel different, I need a dose every day”, but some people don’t seem to think so. That person is his girlfriend, the influencer Ari Fletcher.

Last night, when the two were together before their performance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert in New Jersey, Ali shared a moment with the two in her Instagram story. In the video, Ali asked a native of Memphis, “Are you really talking about Walkshaw or about me?” Bagh responded, letting her know that he was talking about drinking. “You are not black. Dark skin and purple hair.” Ali challenged Bagh again and asked: “Aren’t you talking about me? Not even in the other part?” After repeating the question, Bagh told her He can’t remember.

Bagh’s answer does not seem to suit Ali. As the video began to circulate online, “Tang” jokingly posted a series of tweets, trying to figure out why her man didn’t talk about her in the song. Ari wrote on Twitter: “Why is’Wockesha’ not about me? You said, “It tastes like candy, sweet as fruit, and wet like water, can I love you?” @moneybaggyo Oh, okay. She continued to publish more lyrics tagged with Bagg in each post.

In the end, he replied to a tweet from Ari and replied with a few laughing emojis. Whether or not Ari understands that this song has nothing to do with her, it will not prevent “Wockesha” from reaching new heights. Today, the rapper shared on Instagram that the song was ranked number one on city radio. We love to see it!

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