Anita Baker allows fans to play her music

Cleaning the house while playing some nice old-school music to pass the time is something that many of us can understand.Since then, cleaning work has become different Anita Baker Back in March, when she was fighting for her master, fans stopped streaming and bought her music at her request. However, it seems that the battle is over!

The 63-year-old legend issued a statement that made her fans ecstatic because they clearly “immersed in the ecstasy of love” and played her music again. Anita wrote on Twitter: “All my children are home. Catalog. Impossible for every one. Single. Day. I’m so grateful.” A fan was excited about the news and asked. “Are we clear?!?!?” Anita responded on Twitter: “Yes. Chil’ren… live. ABXO.”

Fans were excited about the news and soon occupied Twitter and made Anita a hot topic. A netizen wrote on Twitter: “ANITA BAKER MASTERS is free! We can play her music!!! We can clean our home!!!” Another tweet wrote: “I really didn’t listen to Anita Baker because she told me not to listen. It’s a struggle.” When the fans were about to clean the house and play her music on the holiday weekend, they started discussing the best Anita songs.

Some of her hit songs include “Sweet Love”, “You Bring Me Happiness”, “Best for You and Me”, “Angel” and “Good Love”. The details of Anita receiving masters are not yet known, but we are very happy that the eight-time Grammy Award-winning artist has received them. Roommates, what songs do you listen to when cleaning the house?

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