Angela Simmons announced the purchase of her first home on Instagram

Roommates, the outstanding performance of blacks this week was outstanding-especially in the property ownership department.As previously reported, Milan Rouge recently Shared an Instagram post It was revealed that she was “creating wealth for generations” by purchasing three mixed-use properties. Now, Angela Simmons has joined the ranks of ownership. She revealed the first home she bought on Instagram!

“I did this for you. I did this for me. I did this for us,” Angela wrote on her official Instagram page. “Just bought my first house!!! I can’t be happier!!! This is a new chapter for me and my son. Wow!”

In the initial shared post, Angela attached two photos of her that seemed to express joy. The first photo shows Angela and her son Sutton posing side by side, looking very happy. Angela, dressed in a denim catsuit and cobalt high heels, hugged Sutton in one hand, and hung her other hand in the air. Sutton, obviously matching the beautiful energy, stood on the black bar stool with his hands in the air. Both mother and son showed bright smiles.

It is unclear whether the background in the photo is Angela’s new home. Nonetheless, the celebrations have clearly played a full role. On the counter behind Angela and Sutton was a giant gift bag that appeared to be from Tiffany & Co.

In the second photo, Angela’s look Keep away from the camera. There was a smile on her glowing face, and her hand was on a stack of papers. By Saturday, the post received more than 4,000 comments and more than 196,000 likes.

After celebrating the posting of the post, Angela thanked her real estate colleague for saying that she “is useless without a strong team”.She also shared another photo Actually signed. Her head is buried in the official document, and the title is “Pinch Me”.

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