Andrew Cuomo makes a farewell speech when he resigns

Andrew Cuomo officially stepped down as governor of New York State. This is the end of an era. On Monday, he gave a formal farewell speech to the New Yorker. He made sure to respond positively to the allegations against him, while also talking about the changes he had made and what still needed to be done.

He said in his farewell speech: “I will have the opportunity to talk about the truth and morals of my recent situation, but now let me say that when the government politicized the allegations and the headlines condemned without facts, you undermined the judicial system. -It does not serve women, nor does it serve men or society.”

He acknowledged that everyone has the right to come forward and added: “But whether it is a woman or a man, the allegations must still be carefully reviewed and verified. That is our basic judicial system.”

Cuomo criticized the investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General’s Office and said: “The Attorney General’s report is intended to be an explosive topic of political firecrackers. It worked. There has been a political and media stampede. But the truth will be revealed in time— I am confident about it.”

After spending time briefly resolving the controversy surrounding the reasons for his resignation, Cuomo also talked about the efforts he made during his tenure and the problems New Yorkers still have to face. “We must allow people and businesses to flourish in this state,” he said. “Crime must be controlled, and we must stay awake about it. No governor in the country has passed more progressive measures than me, but I do not agree with some people in my own party calling for the cancellation of police funding. I believe this is misleading. I I believe this is dangerous.”

He added: “Gun violence and crime are ravaging the inner city. Look at New York City. Most of the victims are poor, black and brown. Reforming the police must be the target.”

Check out his full farewell speech below:

On Monday night, he tweeted about the inauguration of Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and Say, “She is smart and capable. I believe she will stand up to the challenge. I wish her all the best.”

He added: “Thank you for being honored to serve you. Thank you for empowering me to fight for you. Never forget: always keep New York strong, smart, united, disciplined, and caring. This is what makes New Yorkers so special. Where. Always up.”

As we are Before According to reports, Cuomo announced his resignation earlier this month after the New York Attorney General Letia James announced an investigation that concluded that he had sexually harassed multiple women.

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