“American Idol” finalist Seisa Mercado reunites with her newborn baby

Former “American Idol” Season 7 finalist Saisha Mercado and her partner Tyron Deener (Tyron Deener) in the Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy last week were accused of a child protection service (CPS) investigation. After she was removed from their nursing facility, she was reunited with their newborn daughter Astor.
Interact in FloridaCaught in a heartbreaking viral video, it attracted the attention of thousands of people, and even caused the intervention of civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump (Benjamin Crump). The authorities further claimed that the couple did not notify them that Syesha had given birth, and that their son’s case, Amen’Ra (supervised by CPS), was happening.

Tyron shared the good news on Syesha’s Instagram and thanked everyone for helping them get the resources they need to help bring Ast home. In the clip, Tyronn suggested that they still had work to do to bring Ra home. After the doctor claimed that he was malnourished, he was withdrawn from the couple’s custody in March, which the couple denied. . Tyron especially thanks people who donated to GoFundMe accounts in the video. He said: “Thank you, because of you, we have got the proper support from the best lawyers in the country.” In addition, Tyronn stated that he will work hard to help the family reunite with the children under the custody of CPS.

To date, Syesha and Tyron’s GoFundMe accounts have raised more than $432,200 from their goal of $200,000. In the account description, they specified the day Ra was taken away on March 11. The account explained that Syesha took Ra to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital after her milk supply was insufficient and she needed help. She claimed that the authorities were called after they claimed that she refused the B12 injection, which she said was an absolute lie. As Syesha and Tyron’s struggle to bring Ra home receives more and more support, Syesha has used her platform to speak out for other mothers who are dealing with “legal kidnapping” of their children.

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