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“I just want her to love me,” Amber Portwood cried for her daughter Leah in the episode of “Teen Mom OG” on September 14.

Amber Portwood In the episode of September 14th, tears were streaming down Teen Mom OGWhen she reflects on the non-existent relationship between her and her daughter Leah. Amber has been looking at the therapist and she thinks it is a good idea to have some combination therapy with Leah to repair their relationship, but before Gary Shirley I think it is unnecessary. Instead, he told his wife, Christina Shirley, Amber only needs to do what she needs to do to become a better mother for Leah. Amber doesn’t understand why Gary thinks treatment is a bad thing. In the last few minutes of this week’s episode, she burst into tears while talking to the therapist. But once she calmed down, she said that she would continue to work hard and prayed that Leah could be reunited with her as soon as possible. After all, Amber said, if she didn’t make the decisions she had made over the years—such as accepting a plea agreement and imprisonment—she would not be alive today.

at the same time, Taylor Baltiella Expressed interest in trying ketamine therapy to help treat his bipolar disorder. Caitlin LowellStill pregnant with their fourth child on the show, she is hesitant about the new therapy, but she knows that Taylor deals with the anger issues stemming from his family history and drama, so she hopes that he will do what he thinks is necessary to feel better. Good. Taylor said that natural medicine doesn’t work for him. He doesn’t want to take medicine for the rest of his life, so he is exploring all the available options.

Later, Maci reservation Received an email from Ryan Edwards‘ wife, Mackenzie. Mackenzie wants to meet Maci and tries to end all the farce between Maci and the Edwards family. However, after receiving Mackenzie’s lunch invitation, Maci decided not to reply to the text message.Later she told her husband Taylor McKinney She had had enough of their drama, so she decided not to contact Ryan’s family anymore.Especially because Ryan is not like Bentley Had requested.

Following the episode of last week, Cheyenne Freud Towards Zac Davis Blew him up after her ultrasound appointment.This week, her goal is her ex-boyfriend Corey Wharton School of Business, Who said he could not provide more help for their daughter Ryder Because of some upcoming birthday plans. He wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday in New York City among other job duties, so it sounded important to Xia An at first. Fortunately, after she kicked him out of the house during that quarrel, they finally compromised the time he left so that he could help Xia An take care of Ryder in the third trimester of pregnancy.

finally, Mackenzie McGee Her family celebrated the birthday of her later mother.

Want more drama?New episode Teen Mom OG It airs on MTV every Tuesday at 8pm.

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