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Meredith Gray and other doctors will return to Season 18. From these main returns to the first shot, here are all the latest updates about the new season.

In all the constant changes in our lives, one thing remains the same: Intern Grey. This long-broadcast medical drama will return to its 18th season on September 30th. The show premiered in 2005 and is still one of the most popular TV shows.

Season 18 will feature the return of new actors and some familiar faces. Hello, Addison! Hollywood life All news about Intern Grey Season 18 you need to know.

Alan Pompeo plays Dr. Meredith Gray. (ABC)

Shows so far

Season 17 is an emotional roller coaster. Meredith was infected with COVID-19 early in the season, and her fate was at stake in several episodes. When Meredith was in a coma, she found herself in a beach dream, where she met her lost relatives, including Lexie, Mark, George, and Derek.Meredith also met DeLuca on the beach Tragic death In the real world. DeLuca was stabbed by a sex trafficker and eventually died from his injuries.

DeLuca is not the only main character to leave in season 17.Jackson decided he was Leaving Seattle And moved to Boston to take over his family foundation. After reuniting emotionally with Ep, his ex-wife and daughter Harriet joined him. When Jackson bid farewell in Graceron, Tom revealed his intention to work for Jackson after the fierce battle with COVID-19. Tom told Jackson, “I’m the only white person. I just think I owe them better. Make me worthy of being forgiven. I want to be an ally.”

this Season 18 Finale The time jumps to April 2021. This episode reveals what happened in the months before April, including Meredith starting her new job as the resident director.Irving and Teddy rekindle their romance finally, Owen proposes to Teddy. When Link tried to do the same to Amelia at the wedding of Maggie and Winston, Amelia turned him down. The episode ends with Link’s appearance in Joe’s new apartment, and Jackson gave it to her so that she can raise the baby Luna.

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh will not return to “Grey the Intern”. (ABC)

Even if Meredith texts Christina at the end of the episode, don’t expect Sandra Oh Returned in the 18th season.Sandra told Los Angeles Times She does not consider Christina’s comeback. “My goodness, I left that show almost seven years ago,” she said. “So in my opinion, it has disappeared. But for many people, it is still very active. Although I understand and like it, I have moved on.”

Season 18 premiere dates

Intern Grey Keep the time slot on Thursday night. The eighteenth season of the show will premiere on ABC at 9pm on September 30th.this Intern Grey Derivative series, Station 19, The fifth season premiered at 8 o’clock that night

The 18th season will open the cross-border premiere night event Station 19The first trailer was released on September 7th, revealing the expectations of the premiere plot. Someone stole the rig, and the result was a terrible collapse.

this Station 19 The crew must transport the sick foot Proceed to Graceron Memorial Hospital. “Be prepared for a hellish return,” the voice-over said. Megan Hunter was found in the hospital and Ellis Gray was seen talking to Meredith. This must be another dream sequence. But is this a big reward for the show’s teasing?with Intern Grey, you will never know.

Season 18 comeback and new actors

Alan Pompeo Returning to her 18th season as Dr. Meredith Gray. When the 18th season renewal was announced in May 2021, Hollywood report It was revealed that Allen signed a new agreement after “long-term negotiations.” According to reports, her “another salary increase” brought her annual salary to more than 20 million U.S. dollars, and she is still “the highest paid actress in a primetime radio and television drama.”

Intern Grey veterinary Chandra Wilson with James Pickens Jr. Will also return to season 18. They also “get a considerable salary increase” for the new season. Allen, Chandra and James are the only actors who have appeared in the show throughout the 18 seasons.

Chandra Wilson
Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. on “Grey the Interns”. (ABC)

Kevin McKid, Kim Laffer, with Camilla Ludington Will replay the roles of Irving, Teddy and Joe in Season 18 and beyond-if this happens. According to reports, Kevin, Kim and Camilla signed a “new multi-year contract” before the 17th season. deadlineAccording to reports, these contracts are for a period of 3 years, which will allow them to continue to air at least through the 19th season. No information about season 19 has been confirmed.

Catalina Scozon, Chris Carmack, Jack Borelli, Alex Randy, Anthony Hill, with Kelly McCree Will also return to season 18.Kelly is Looking forward to her first child, So her pregnancy may be included in Maggie’s storyline in Season 18. Kelly announced that she was pregnant on August 16, just 4 days after the end of the first day of her 18th season.

Season 18 will feature the return of more beloved characters. Kate Walsh Will return as Dr. Addison Montgomery.According to reports, she will appear in “Multi Episode” deadline. Kate Celebrate her return A video was posted on social media.

“This really happened. Dr. Addison Montgomery will see you soon,” she captioned the video.This will be the first time Addison appears Intern Grey Since her guest appearance in 2012.Kate continues to play Addison Intern Grey get rid of, Private practice, Ran for 6 seasons.

Kate Burton Will replay the role of Dr. Ellis Gray in “multiple episodes”, including the premiere of season 18. deadline The first report.Although some Dead character return Ellis was not one of the beach sequences last season. The last time Meredith’s mother appeared was in an episode of season 15. Abigail Spencer Will return in season 18 as Owen’s sister Megan Hunter.According to reports, she will play a recurring role in season 18. Hollywood reportThe last time Abigail appeared as Megan was in season 15.

Kate Burton
Kate Burton will return as Ellis Gray. (ABC)

Jesse Williams Left the show in season 17, but he Do not rule out returns Just like Dr. Jackson Avery in Season 18. See what he and April are doing. I’m definitely interested in it,” Jessie said Hollywood life only.

There will also be some fresh blood in Season 18. The oc alum Peter Gallagher Has joined the cast of season 18 as Dr. Alan Hamilton. This character knows Ellis Gray, and there will be a “big arc” throughout the season. deadline report. Peter’s debut will appear at the premiere of this season.

Is season 18 the last season?

ABC has not announced whether Season 18 will be the final season Intern GreyThe show continues to perform well on the Internet, so it will not be cancelled unless Alan decides to leave. Craig ErichPresident of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, hope to have more Intern Grey Over the 18th season.

“Intern Grey Still a giant in ratings,” Craig told deadline“The fans love this season. I think Intern Grey This year I did an amazing job, telling the story of all the heroes who fought in the first line. [against] Coronavirus disease.We will take Intern Grey As long as we can do it. “

Intern Grey Creator Sanda Remus And Allen have been talking about how the show will end when Allen is about to leave. “This story is about Meredith Gray’s journey, and when I finish, the show will end,” Allen told type 2017. “I don’t know how long this show will last. I know that networks and studios like to say that they can’t see the end, but I think the audience will tell us when the show is no longer a fan favorite. I think assuming this show can last forever It’s very arrogant to go down-I don’t like this method. Now, we are very lucky to have fans still insisting, I think fans will tell us when to stop the show.”

Chris Carmack
A scene from the 17th season finale. (ABC)

In an interview, Sanda reiterated Allen’s feelings about the end of Grey’s anatomy with!information 2017. “Ellen and I have an agreement, as long as she can do this show, I will do this show,” Shonda said. “So as long as we all want to do it, this show will exist. If she wants to stop, we will stop. So I don’t know if we will see 600, but I want to keep it fresh. As long as there are fresh stories To tell, as long as we are all excited about the story we are telling, we will participate in it. So, we will see where this takes us.”

Although the 17th season is airing, Allen is not sure if the 18th season will happen. “The truth is, this may be the case this year,” she told type October 2020. “I have been trying to make the whole show as good as possible. As a producer, I feel that I have the right to do this. I mean, this is the last year of my contract now. I don’t know it’s the last year, but it’s very It may be the last year.” Thankfully, she signed another contract.

Another “Grey Interns” derivative product

“Grey the Trainee” has produced two successful spin-offs, Private practice with Station 19. Head of ABC Craig Erich Be open to more derivative products in the future.He said deadline In May 2021, Intern Grey With a “rich landscape of characters and stories, we are always open to any iterations that serve the show and fans.”

ABC Signature President Johnny Davis Tell deadline That grey Host Krista Vernov And her team are “discussing” about another spin-off and “ideas for the next phase” Intern Grey. We will find the next version and bring it to the next 18 years.We are working hard now, no better than Krista and [creator Shonda Rhimes]. “

Jonny later issued a statement to clarify his views on the potential spin-off: “I want to clarify some of the statements I made in previous interviews,” he said. “There is no talk about the spin-off Intern Grey at this time. We are 100% focused on producing Season 18, with the incredible Krista Vernoff at the helm, and the amazing Ellen Pompeo leading our ensemble and co-executive production. As the head of ABC Signature, I just want to express my support and optimism for Shonda’s outstanding creation. “

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