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The “Danish Girl” Oscar winner confirmed that after fans speculated that the two became parents in August, she had a child with her “X-Men” star husband.

Congratulations to the new mom and dad! Alicia Vikander 32 years old, confirmed that she and her husband had a baby Michael Fassbender The first child in the new interview people, according to with!information Wednesday, September 8. Although Alicia and her 44-year-old husband kept secrets about pregnancy and childbirth, she talked about how touching motherhood is in the interview.

In August, when Alicia and Michael were on vacation in Ibiza, they were seen going out with a baby. (GTres / SplashNews)

this Ex Machina Star interviewed people To promote her new movie Blue bayou, Will be released on September 17. The actress said that being a mom has changed her perspective, and she hopes this will affect her future performances. “I now have a whole new understanding of life,” she explained. “It’s very beautiful, and it will obviously bring me a lot of benefits in any future jobs.”

Alicia, 32, and Michael, 44, married in 2017. (James Shaw/Shutterstock)

Fans doubted whether the couple had children, and they were allegedly found pregnant with a baby in August Trip to Ibiza, pass through Daily mailAlicia and Michael have been married since 2017, and the couple has always been known to be private, so it’s no surprise that they didn’t immediately announce the birth of the child.After they met on the set of the 2016 movie The light between the oceans, They acted as a couple who had difficulty getting pregnant, and the two began dating. Although they rarely discuss their relationship, it is clear that they have a strong connection because they started their family together.

Although they don’t usually discuss their relationship, Michael did disclose in an interview in 2016 about how the work on the film brought them together Entertainment Weekly. “You have to come together very quickly [when making a movie]. This is a very specific and unusual thing for this business-and it can be a very powerful thing,” Prometheus The actor explained. In the same interview, X-Men: Black Phoenix The star expressed his feelings when talking about his personal relationship. “I don’t talk about my private life with a complete stranger unless I feel it necessary. Why should I? I don’t,” he said.

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