Ali Fletcher said she was tired of the “rapper’s baby mother” conversation

When it comes to speaking out her thoughts, Ali Fletcher Don’t be afraid to do it online. The influencer and his mother had time today to talk about something called the “rapper’s baby mom” on Twitter. In a series of tweets, she let people know that her success comes from her own merits, and not from her previous relationship with her son’s father, G Herbo.

Ari wrote on Twitter: “That rapper baby mom is too tired. A ni**a never gave me alms… My son and that breakup made me me, because I have something to prove …Don’t let my son down, and ni**a will never let me break my promises and fairy tales.” The Chicago native went on to say on Twitter that people always talk about baby mothers, and their mothers are also babies. Mom, but not to the rapper, but to break a *s ni *** s.

The self-proclaimed Tang did not stop there. She announced through Twitter that she had started from scratch, “I am where I am, because I am who I am. If it is because of “As a rapper BM”, then there will be more women in my position… …” This tweet does not seem to suit one of her fans, because one of them said: “Chile, if you don’t have a rich baby dad, what would you do? You have money because of him. Rich.” In a now-deleted tweet, Ali shot back: “Who is my rich dad? Introduce me because I want some money.”

If you remember, Ari became very popular after dating G Herbo until they announced their withdrawal in 2019. Now Ari has established a relationship with Moneybagg Yo and continues to develop in the urban industry, obtaining brand transactions and multiple partnerships.

Roommates, what do you think of Ali’s tweets?

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