Al Sharpton and Ben Crump will represent families of unarmed white teenagers killed by police

In the fight against police brutality in the country, the famous black activist Rev. Al Sharpton and the lawyer Ben Crump will take over the Arkansas teenager Hunter Brittan. Brittain), he was shot and killed by police in June.

Ben Crump has become the lawyer of choice for black families killed by the police, including Breonna Taylor and George Freud. Al Sharpton and Ben Crump will represent Brittain and his family, claiming that police brutality has harmed communities of all races. Washington post report.

According to police, 17-year-old Brittan was shot and killed by the deputy of a Whiteronoke County Sheriff at a traffic stop on the outskirts of Little Rock on June 23. He was unarmed at the time. Crump said that Britton’s shooting would help gain “greater inter-ethnic support” in Congress’s efforts to pass the George Floyd Justice Act, because “his blood is now in this legislation. , Like the blood of Freud and Brenna Taylor.”

Kremp added that the case representing Britton is in line with the core principles of his campaign for social justice and against police brutality.

“We have always said this is to ensure that all of our children can go home safely, and not to be killed by people who are supposed to protect and defend them,” Kremp said. “Whether it is a white, brown or black child.”

Kremp added that this situation “will begin to change the narrative and perceptions of police violence, because the country believes that children of all races and ethnicities may become victims.”

“We have always said that our white brothers and sisters could not imagine their children being killed by someone who was supposed to protect them, and now the tragedy has fallen on the British. family [demonstrates] This could happen to them, too,” he said. “It’s closer to home now, for those who might not understand what happened to black teenagers. “

Sharpton also gave his reasons for taking over the case.

“Hunt did nothing wrong, just like we think George Floyd did nothing wrong,” Sharpton told reporters at a memorial service held at Britton at Bibby High School. “But if we separate our ways of responding, then we are wrong.”

Crump and Brittain’s lawyers attended the commemoration, and hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the life of the high school student, many of them wearing #JusticeforHunter T-shirts.

Sergeant Michael Davis, the police officer who allegedly killed Britton, was fired for failing to activate his body camera in time during the fatal traffic stop, which violated department policy.

Brittain’s family said that at the time of the shooting, the teenager was unarmed and had a can of antifreeze in his hand because he was repairing the car. The family requested that Lonoke County’s deputy be tried for murder.

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