After the interview, the trend of the young MA on Twitter is to let the kids surface

The Internet strikes again. Few people take things and run on Twitter, which can cause enthusiasm.Nowadays Young horse After people suspected that she might be pregnant, she became popular on Twitter. Many people are confused about the source of this news, but it turns out that it was because she accepted an interview with Headkrack, a radio celebrity from Dish Nation. The rapper continued to participate in the show and publicly expressed her desire for children.

In the interview, Headcrack asked: “Can you see that you are a parent?” MA replied: “Of course, I will get married by then.” MA explained to Headkrack that she told her girlfriend that she wanted Want a boy and a girl. However, she wanted a boy first. The “Hot Sauce” rapper said that she prefers to have a son first because he will take care of his little sister.

People on Twitter immediately came for MA’s sexual orientation. A Twitter user wrote on Twitter: “The person who made Xiao Ma pregnant didn’t see heaven.” Another netizen wrote on Twitter: “How could Xiao Ma become pregnant? I thought she was an asshole. “

Draya Michele defended MA and walked into the shaded room, condemning those who made this interview important. “Everything she said is normal. I’m lost and a little annoyed that people are trying to make this weird.” MA also stepped in and closed the rumors about her pregnancy. “Of course, my girl is the girl who is already pregnant. That’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh.” She continued, “You are all boring, haha, but I understand…sell it to you We’re working on one now.”

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