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After her “DWTS” debut, Olivia Jade was spotted on the PDA with a mysterious man outside the celebrity hot spot Delilah. See photos!

Olivia Jade Giannuli There may be a new man in her life! 21-year-old social media celebrity and daughter Lori Lorraine with Mosimo GiannuliAfter a dinner date in Delilah, Los Angeles on September 25, it was discovered that she was hugging a mysterious man. The PDA photo was posted one month after she broke up with her boyfriend Jackson Goody, She confirmed this in an interview Instagram story quiz Thursday, August 12.

Olivia Jade and a mysterious man.Picture: Back Gate

In the new snapshot, Olivia is wearing a black short top and beige high-waisted pants, with black boots and a brown shoulder bag. Her male partner wore a black T-shirt and dark jeans, matched with a military green jacket, dressed in a casual figure, and cuddled with her hand in hand. Dancing with the stars competitor.

Fans know that Olivia made her debut on a reality show recently Season 30. She opened her heart Hollywood life About how her mother helped her. “My mother has always been my great support,” Olivia said on September 8. “She is completely in mom mode. It’s like, “Make sure you are taking an Epsom salt bath. She tried to make me take an ice bath. I thought, “I don’t need an ice bath yet.” “So so be it. My sister [Bella] Keep telling me that she wants to participate in every performance. They have to book a ticket every time, and I don’t even know how live performances and COVID work now. Everyone supports me very much and I am very grateful. “

Olivia Jade and a mysterious man.Picture: Back Gate

YouTuber says she is happy to show people The “real” Olivia Jade Always DWTS Season 30. “I hope people really really know how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity,” Olivia explained. “I remember that a few years ago, I knew this was a very far-fetched thing, and it was not really feasible, so I am very, very grateful for the second chance to go out, put myself there, and continue to grow.”

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