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Wendy Williams, accompanied by her son Kevin Hunter Jr., sits in a wheelchair outside her New York apartment and is pushed by an assistant.

Wendy WilliamsOn September 24, the 57-year-old arrived at her apartment in New York City. It was reported that she was taken to the hospital by ambulance due to serious health complications a week later.Talk show host, recently Be diagnosed with COVID-19, Sitting in a wheelchair, during an outing, she and her son were pushed by an unidentified assistant, Kevin HunterAt the age of 21, she is carrying a bag and standing next to her. She was carrying a purse, wearing a black suit with a patterned mask and a pair of black sneakers, looking at the nearby camera.

Wendy Williams arrived at her apartment on September 24. (Background image)

Kevin also wore a mask when helping his mother, and a red and black plaid shirt over a white top and black jeans. He is also wearing black Chanel sneakers and glasses because he seems to be wearing wireless headphones in his ears.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams passed the camera in a wheelchair. (background)

The latest news from Wendy and Kevin comes after she postponed the season 13 premiere Wendy Williams Show From September 20th to October 4th, due to her COVID diagnosis, although she was vaccinated, it still happened. “In order to allow Wendy time to isolate and fully recover, and to ensure that our production complies with all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid agreements, we expect to start the 13th season Wendy Williams Show Monday, October 4,” read a message on the show’s Instagram account.

Just days before the premiere change was announced, the show confirmed that Wendy was “handling some Persistent health problems“, so she will not participate in promotional activities. She also said that she will “understand further evaluation.”

Wendy’s recent health problems emerged after she was open to her health in the past.Beautiful suffer Graves disease And hyperthyroidism and lymphedema. In May, she told the audience about her show that the latter cannot be cured and “can only be controlled”, and she also gave them a glimpse of the swollen feet caused by the disease.

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