AE admitted to cheating on Amber Rose, but said he loves her and she is like his best friend

On Wednesday, Amber Rose vented on social media tired of being deceived. Although she did not name any names, many people suspected that she was referring to AE, who was the father of her young son Slash. It seems that AE did not waste time replying to the post. In fact, he confirmed that he must have been cheated by Amber. This is not the first time.

During the Instagram live broadcast Da CongAE confirmed that he must have cheated on Amber. When asked how he felt after seeing her post, he said: “I thought I was caught. I was caught before.”

“I love her like my best friend,” he continued. My son’s mother and I love Bash, my stepson, you know. It’s just me, I like women. “

He went on to explain that once Amber finds another woman he has been messing up with, and she decides to contact her, then the other woman will most likely fall apart, apologize to her and change their story after they tell him a different one s story.

“In the final analysis, if you are not loyal to yourself and don’t understand yourself, I don’t think anyone will be happy or successful. It doesn’t matter if other people understand it, blame you or criticize you, or criticize you. We are who we are,” AE added.

He said he would not blame Amber for her feelings, but in the final analysis, he is him. He said he thought he could give her six months to deprive her of her “true nature.”

As we shared before, Amber posted in her Instagram story that she was done and that she has been “so loyal and transparent”, but she did not get the same treatment in return.

Back in May, a woman made a voice on TikTok and claimed that Amber Reach out She was introduced to AE in a series of news.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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