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In “Watch the Live Broadcast”, when asked about her friends Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Addison Ray did not ambiguity.

Addison Ray Not in the team Scott Disco, sorry. The 20-year-old TikTok star appeared on Watch live broadcast Thursday, September 9th, and talked about her relationship with Courtney Kardashian. When the host asks Andy Cohen If she believed that her friend and her predecessor Scott were “destined to be together”, Addison would answer bluntly “no.”

The TikTok star and Poosh founder, 42 years old, became close friends early last year.In an interview on Thursday, Addison revealed how the friendship was formed and explained that the sons from Courtney and Scott were introduced. mason, 11, TikTok lovers. (The predecessor who broke up in 2015 also shared Penelope, 9, and rule, 6, together. )

“We met because Mason likes TikTok and likes TikTok very much,” she explained. “Mason wanted to see me. Then we finally met and started working out together because we all like to work out. Her coach was too difficult. We had to run so much and I would say,’Oh yes, it’s easy for me ,’ [while] She is killing it. Then we started exercising together all the time, and we became very close. “

In fact, so close that she appeared in Keep up with Kardashian In the last season in April.In this episode, Courtney’s sisters gold with Kohler Invite Addison over Eat lunch and try to understand their close friendship-given the age difference, they cannot understand this friendship. Chris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Scott also attended lunch and asked TikTok stars questions.

Later, a hilarious confession: “Honestly, at first, we were like, wait… Are they hooking up?” King said, and Scott replied, “I’m still thinking about that! That’s the big one in the room. Elephant.” Then Addison responded with a resounding “no”. “No, we don’t! No!” Later in the episode, Courtney explained that they have a close friendship because of their “consistent energy.”

In her WWHL interview, Addison called the last season “awesome” and gushed about her love for the show. “I like this show, I have liked this show since I was a little girl,” she said.

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