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The ending of episode 5 of “High Heels” is simply jaw-dropping. HL specifically talked with Kelli Berglund about the shocking battle between Ace and Bobby, the complicated relationship between Crystal and Ace, and so on.

Ace’s emotions In the episode of September 12th, he once again used his advantage High heelAfter Crystal took off the script and broke up with Ace in front of everyone, Ace interrupted Bobby’s leg in revenge. This is a creepy scene where Ace bends Bobby’s leg until the bone penetrates the skin. Crystal watched in horror as all this fell in front of her.

Hollywood life Opportunity to have an exclusive conversation Kelly Berglund About this game-changing plot. Crystal did show her skills and persisted in herself, but the result did not go as she hoped. Kelli talked about Crystal and Wild bill Bond, Christo’s vision for her future, and whether she thinks Christo and Ace are good for each other.

Kelli Berglund plays Crystal. (Photographer: Brandon Monica)

The whole plot is just a roller coaster of chaos. Crystal took off the script, broke up with Ace in front of everyone, and then Ace broke Bobby’s leg in the cruelest way. Do you think part of the crystal feels guilty about what happened?
Kelly Berglund: Absolutely. I think Crystal has been under too much pressure after she finishes her work and makes sure she does her work as best as possible. I think that part of her at that moment, especially the conversation with Wild Bill, finally came before her: You have been regarded as absolute nonsense by all these people for so long, now is the damn time to show them who you are, you What can be done. So the moment I really like her, the moment I like to win on the ring, is the moment when the crystal shines. She really had a real voice once. I don’t think she is worried about angering Ace and how it will affect their relationship, because we have seen how he treats her. Over time, although there is a connection between them, the way he vents his emotions to her is not very good, but she least wants Bobby to participate in it, because we have seen the development of this friendship, and They found such comfort in each other. This is the source of her comfort, safety and friendship, without any strings attached. They can just be each other. So in the end, she absolutely felt that it was all her fault. She knew that Ace was an emotional person, but in the end, if she didn’t break away from the script, then things wouldn’t happen. This is so high and so low for her. It’s fun to deal with her, but she hates this happening.

I don’t think Ace is even jealous of what he thinks might happen between them. It’s almost like hurting Bobby means hurting Crystal and her chance to be in the spotlight.
Kelly Berglund: He wants it for himself. It’s about Ace. It was about his success, and he kind of disappointed everyone around him to achieve this goal. He knew he was hurting Christo. He was actually hurting Bobby. He knew Jack would be angry, but he didn’t care, because Ace was like that.

To say the least, the relationship between Crystal and Ace is very turbulent. When you mix business and relationships, things get messed up, but do you think Christo loves Ace?
Kelly Berglund: I think Crystal is a young girl. I want to say that she may be 20 years old. I don’t know if this is fully defined in the show, but I think she is a young girl with a very big dream and love for such things. She is a girl who has real emotions and feelings for people like Ace. I think if, in the final analysis, she is that kind of girl, she would choose a career rather than a relationship. But like many women in the show, I think she knows that Ace needs her as a support system and someone who comforts him and makes sure he is okay and keep him consistent. Therefore, although they have been in such intermittent dating, I do think that there is real love between them. I think Ace really likes Crystal. He just doesn’t know how to balance his career, his relationship with Jack, and the trauma he recovered with his father. I think he is a bit like a human being. She put Ace first. She put DWL first, but in the end, it was time for Crystal to start looking for Crystal. I think this becomes very clear as the show progresses, and I don’t think she is purely using him to reach the top. I think there is a factor in it. She wants to do this together and grow up together. But I don’t think it is purely because she is seeking success.

Do you think he sees her as a threat?
Kelly Berglund: I think so. I think it might not be at first, but you must wonder why there are no female wrestlers on the dome. This is a crazy concept and we know that crystals can wrestle. I like Jack admits this many times throughout the season, you will see the little connection between Jack and Christo. It’s almost like, this girl has an idea. Maybe I will listen to Little Crystal’s suggestion, he is just a personal servant.I definitely think that Ace sees more threats than Jack, but he knows that if Jack knows that it is now a competition between Ace and Crystal, it will disrupt him. [Ace’s] head. He doesn’t want that. He hopes everything goes well. So, unfortunately, Christo is in her current position, but she is definitely a threat there.

Alexander Ludwig
Ace really broke Bobby’s leg in episode 5. (STARZ)

There are real feelings there, but are Ace and Crystal ultimately good for each other? There is a lot of toxicity there.
Kelly Berglund: This is where the problem lies. They obviously contacted a lot. They all like wrestling. They love the world. They grew up in the small town of Duffy. But maybe just the timing is wrong. Do they have the right time? I have no idea. Can they develop independently without each other? I think they are in a very strange place in their lives, and they have not yet fully determined this. But no, I don’t think Ace’s treatment of Crystal will definitely be good for her mental health. I think she is a very strong girl who can put a lot of things aside and realize that this is what it is, not let it affect her. But in the final analysis she is a person, these things may affect her, she bottled it, it will erode her, this is not healthy at all. I think it must be toxic in their current lives.

Wild Bill really came out of thin air. When he first appeared, he was a bit like his own cartoon, but he is slowly but surely becoming a source of wisdom.
Kelly Berglund: Is the change in his role crazy? Like, am I sitting here now sympathizing with Wild Bill? He just did a good job of becoming this wild character, so much so that you still like it and want to see success. He has done a good job in this regard.

He gave Crystal a lot of confidence, or at least the little encouragement she needed to show her talent. Do you think Wild Bill can be her good ally?
Kelly Berglund: I think so. I like it right away, you really don’t know how to think of Wild Bill. Is he this villain? Is he someone we can’t trust? I think he is a good character, this is a good example of the influence of fame on someone, etc. But I think that when he is dealing with his own problems, I think his conversation with Crystal is very real. He didn’t need to take Christola aside to tell her these things. Unless, of course, this is just to watch the chaos unfold. But I think he is a little smarter than that, he does understand the world. He did see the potential of the crystal, and I think he did it for a very real reason.

At the beginning of episode 5, we saw Crystal in the ring showing her talent. Jack likes the way she handles things. He knows what crystal can do. They are so happy going back and forth with each other. What are your thoughts on their future developments?
Kelly Berglund: This is something I very much hope to develop further in the potential second season. Obviously, Jack’s biggest worry is that the dome needs to run, Ace needs to run, we all need to run, because we all just want a stable job and we want to be happy, we want to do well. The obvious threat to Crystal makes Ace feel uneasy in any way. We must make Ace happy, this is the first. I think it’s episode 1 or 2, Jack said,’What’s your name? Cheryl? She is like, “Crystal”. I like that Crystal can express her position to Jack without any problem, but not in a way that transcends boundaries, in which she disrespects because she can’t. She will be kicked out in two seconds. For many years, Ace has had a personal servant, she can go out almost any time, so it walks on a thin line that endures shit but also keeps quiet. After episode 2, when Ace completely derailed, there was such an awkward and charming moment between Jack and Crystal, she just jumped into his car. She was like, “Let’s go find him because I care, this is my opinion, I don’t care.” It all started with Crystal’s idea that Ace might be a good heel, and she was not wrong. It’s like the place where it all blooms. Although he cannot be obvious in front of other people, the two of them have this self-evident dialogue and self-evident energy. They did respect each other until episode 8, where Crystal did a risky thing, and Jack approved her to do it because she really knew what she was doing. She has a plan. She has always been in this world. She is not stupid, so I really want to see the development between the two of them, because this is this unexpected relationship and respect. I really like it, and I am very happy that someone like Jack can admit it with the character of a crystal.

Kelly Berglund
Kelli Berglund as Crystal, Stephen Amell as Jack. (STARZ)

Christo grew up in the small town of Duffy. For some people, it is difficult to leave the place where they grew up. What is the future she envisioned for herself? Do you think she will be happy outside of Duffy?
Kelly Berglund: I think she will. I think Duffy is everything she knows, and she is fairly satisfied with it. But I think Crystal has some wisdom beyond her age. She realized this when she was about 20 years old, so she did see herself beyond this point. She is working in a strategic way, reaching the top in some way or seeing careers other than Tamiflu. I don’t think she has a hatred of Duffy. I think this is part of her, and it will always be. She found something in this small town that made her root there and she liked, so I think if she really succeeds in the wrestling world, then I don’t think she will spit at Duffy in this sense. But I do think her career is very important to her. She wants to stand on the stage, in the ring, and do her thing.

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