According to reports, the director of the original “Slam Dunk in Space” criticized the new sequel: “The truth is that LeBron is not Michael.”

The highly anticipated “Space Jam” last week sequel “Space Slam Dunk: A New Legacy” starring LeBron James was released in theaters and HBO Max. Although some people are happy to see the franchise continue, it is reported that one person who did not impress was Joe Pitka, who directed the original movie.

TMZ Share They talked to Joe about the new sequel, and according to the website, he has no impression of the movie. In fact, according to reports, he referred to the movie as a “boring mess.”

However, when it comes to his criticism of the new film, this is not all. According to reports, Joe also told the website that he could not complete the two-hour movie at a time because it was too boring and it took five separate meetings to complete the movie.

TMZ reported that Joe admitted that LBJ was “an incredible athlete and a very good actor”, but added, “The fact is that LeBron is not Michael.” He pointed out that when he directed the 1996 film, Michael Jordan is not only one of the most famous celebrities, but the plot of this movie is related to MJ’s personal life when he played baseball after he retired.

Joe compared the soundtracks of the two films with the NBA players starring in the two films.

In the end, he made it clear to TMZ that he was not disturbed by the remake, but was not impressed by it. According to the report, the new film “looks like one of the stuffed dolls bought for children at the gift shop at the airport during a long business trip.”

Roommates, what do you think of this new film?

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