According to reports, Stephen Curry’s mother Sonia Curry filed for divorce with Dale Curry

Roommates, it looks like Stephen Curry may have heard life-changing news from his parents and started his summer! Talk about heartbreak-the former couple reportedly quit after 33 years “until death let us separate.”According to one Exclusive TMZ reportIn June of this year, 55-year-old Sonya Curry filed for divorce from 57-year-old Dell Curry.

The media reported that court records showed that Sonia submitted the necessary documents in North Carolina on June 14. TMZ reports that the reasons behind the shocking split are unclear. However, TMZ apparently plans to discover the reasons behind the end of this love story and stated that they are “working hard.”

According to reports, Sonia and Dale Curry first met as student athletes at Virginia Tech. Obviously, they must hit it off, because many years later, in 1988, they became husband and wife! Now, this long chapter of their living together is coming to an end, but there is no clear explanation for the reason. According to reports, a court official revealed to TMZ that “the divorce is still in progress”.

The former couple ushered three children into this world together.Their eldest son Stephen Curry In March 1988, two or more of their families started. Their second child, Seth, joined the family in 1990, followed by their daughter Sidder in 1994.

As you may already know, Curry’s parents have earned their badge as a very supportive parent! Both Steph and Seth are professional players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Stephen played for the California team called the Golden State Warriors, while Seth played for the Portland Trail Blazers.

When their sons played against each other in the 2019 NBA playoffs, the former couple still found a way to praise them equally. Sonya and Dell Curry launched custom jerseys with the Warriors and Trail Blazers logo.

TMZ stated that they have contacted Steph’s team for comments, but there is no news yet. There is also no clear rule on when the divorce will be completed.

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